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Commercial Dumpsters

a red and blue garbage container and two black dumpsters

Every commercial facility produces a significant amount of waste daily. Depending on the type of business, these waste materials may include plastic, paper, scrap metal, chemicals, and glass. Adequate management of these waste materials is essential for the smooth running of your business, be it a large scale or small scale business. While you may believe that garbage bins are sufficient for your business, the truth is that they aren't as efficient as commercial dumpsters. With a dumpster, you will have the means of satisfying your waste disposal needs conveniently. We offer the most affordable commercial rental service in Miami, Florida.

Multiple Sizes

An essential benefit of renting a dumpster from us is that we have dumpsters available in different sizes. You will get the opportunity to assess the quantity of waste that your company produces over some time and then make a choice based on your findings. This way, you can save a significant amount of money on your waste disposal by only renting the space your business needs. The dumpsters we have for rent by size include the 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard dumpsters. The greater your junk, the larger the dumpster you will need.


The importance of cleanliness to a commercial environment can't be overemphasized. The first thing your visitors will notice when they step into your business place is its hygiene. You will be making a bad impression on your customers and partners when there are overflowing garbage bins around your property. Your workers will also have low morale when they have to work in a dirty environment. This can easily affect their productivity negatively. When you work with a commercial dumpster rental, you will find it much easier to keep your surroundings clean. You will have happy clients and productive employees.

Save Money

As a business owner, it is only natural that you are always on the lookout for ways to save money. Another excellent benefit of hiring a commercial dumpster rental is that it will save you money. Firstly, we will save you valuable time and resources when we haul your garbage for you. These time and resources can then be reinvested in your business to yield more profit. Also, the use of garbage bins is inefficient and you may even end up illegally disposing of your waste. If this gets the attention of the local authorities, you may have to pay heavy fines.

Complimentary Services

Commercial dumpster rental is about more than just renting dumpsters. We can also add good value to your business in other ways. In addition to dumpster rental, we will offer you complimentary services for free or for a little additional fee. These services include professional advice on the best and most economical way to handle your waste. We can also help with the removal of large pieces of junk such as furniture and appliances, from your business place. Furthermore, we can offer you recycling services and safely dispose of harmful waste. We are always prepared to build long term relationships.

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